Lizzie Armanto

Verb: to excite; stir up or set going; animate; rouse; inflame: He Lizzied their hopes of victory
Noun: Person.
Synonym: fire, light.
Name~ Lizzie Armanto years young~ 18 hometown~ Santa Monica height~ 5'6  questions from Nora:  Whats one of your biggest flaws? I'll fight you in my sleep.   What was the last photo you instagramed of?    What would your dream session look like? dreamy.   How many photos are you currently tagged in on Facebook? 1,887   Who is your celebrity crush?  idk  questions from Allysha:  What are your top three pet peeves? Sponges, let downs, and when I'm not able to skate     Any hidden talents?  drooling & I can skate better then I can walk.    Who motivates you most in skateboarding/life? My family, friends and people with passion.     What's your favorite ice cream? coconut.     What's the last thing you smelled? my tea.

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