by lizziearmanto

Soo I’ve spent the past couple of days running around Bondi but yesterday my friend took my friends and I out to go to the koala park and some skateparks. It was super cool to see outside Bondi cause last year I didnt see anything else, but hey it’s still amazing. At the koala place, we got to feed the kangaroos which was awesome, cause I had never seen them up close. There pretty cute up close too! Also at the park place there was these adorable little penguins, and when it was time for them to go to their cage their keeper just clapped and they went straight to it and waddled up to their little home. There was gnarly spiders all around too, it was entertaining how scared my friends where of them. After the koala park we headed over to Monster skatepark which was so sick! They had an indoor and an outdoor park both of which were awesome but the outdoor was particularly nice with a fun spine and vert ramp. SGP definitely needs to occupy this vert ramp.