My Past Few Weeks With School and Skateboarding.

by Allysha Bergado (:

For me, the past few weeks have been moderately mellow.
I had finals about two weeks ago, and that ended the first semester of Sophomore year for me. I was stressing out about it, but I also wanted to go out, hang, and skate with my friends too. It’s annoying and difficul trying to balance/plan out my skating with my school. I choose to skate at Vans Skate Park. Which is in Orange County. And I live in El Segundo, LA. So if I want to skate I have to choose days where I have the least homework.
After finals, I basically have had not too crazy days at school. It’s actually just been an easy coast. But I know as the school year ends the adversity will increase. My wish to be homeschooled didn’t really get granted…but I realize that I don’t know if I really want to be at home studying by myself anymore. Because I know I’ll miss such a great experience.
This weekend (Feb. 18-20), I skated at the DC Shoes/Monster Energy warehouse. It was super sick! They had a rad street course, AMAZINGLY perfect vert ramp, and a so called Mega Ramp 2.0 (Mini-Mega Ramp).
I had a great weekend, full of sleepovers, and I really don’t want it to end.
My life goes back to reality tomorrow. Because of school.