Malibu Bound

by Allysha Bergado (:

Yesterday I was picked up from school by Lizzie Armanto, Joe Fong, and the Montes’. As I was waiting to cross the street to get to the Van, Lizzie ludicrously shouted out of the window (using her amazing red cone) “ALLYSHA BERGADO! CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH?!?”

Haha…I thought that was pretty great..luckily, I’m positive that not many people were around to hear it. That would’ve been a bit embarrassing.

Anyways, we took a brief road trip from El Segundo to Malibu. We bought some pizza on the way and then headed over to Tom Schaar’s backyard vert ramp. It was getting dark, and Tom doesn’t have any lights, so we quickly grubbed on some pizza and had a short skate sesh. After, we all hung out on the trampoline and then headed over to yet another back yard ramp.

Shane Borland’s. He has an 8 foot tall ramp with lights. At first I didn’t want to skate, but then Lizzie and I decided that we’d try backside airs on it together.

Note: The ramp has no vert whatsoever, if anything it has less than an .5 inch of it. And we’re used to doing airs on transition 10-11 feet or higher.

For me, that was a bad idea. I left the session with a very bruised and ugly swellbow, and a hurt left hip. It took me a few seconds to be able to get myself to stand up, and it was horrible having to climb out of the ramp and walk all the way down a horrific amount of steps to get back to the car.

No pain no gain.