by lizziearmanto

Yesterday was so much fun! Allysha and I casually woke slept in, and ate some breakfast. Then went to the beach to meet up with the Reynolds, and friends. Surfing was most definitely one of the thing on my to do list while I was here but conditions so far had not permit. We paddled out and she had a soft top long board and I was on a fish until Allysha was done. So while Allysha was catching waves I was paddling around feeling like a noob…  Then I tried that board and life became soooooooooooo much easier hah. It wasn’t too sunny but there was a few times where the sun peeped out. Also the water was really shallow so there was few times I kicked the rocks.

After that we went to Hale’Iwa Bowls and got an acai bowl. I’m now addicted to those. And we ended the day at Kapolei skatepark and skated with Kalani David.